Still thinking?

Have a look at our frequently asked questions (FAQ) below first, but feel free to contact us here if there are any other questions you would like to ask. Also, read the Terms & Conditions for more details.


  1. Why I might I be interested in this Hackathon?

Are you up for an exciting challenge? An innovator who can code like a boss and dream big to shape the future of a Digital Egypt? If you are all of that and excited to spend 4 days among other experts and mentors. Then this Hackathon is for you!

  1. Who can apply?

We are happy to welcome Software Developers and innovators who are 18 years or older, University students, fresh graduates or working professionals. We are looking for Tech enthusiasts who are excited to shape the future of Egypt with us.

  1. Can I apply alone?

At Vodafone, we love a good team spirit!  Therefore, we encourage you to participate in a team of 2 to 5 members.

  1. Can I include team member with a non-development background?

Yes you can include other skill sets too as needed, however Developers need to be main players in the team.

  1. What is the deadline to apply?

We will stop accepting submissions on Tuesday 10th at 6:00 PM Cairo time.

  1. Does my submission guarantee my participation?

We wish we can take in everyone but due to the limited space, Vodafone will choose the final participants based on first-come, first-served basis combined with the most innovative pitch and Technology chosen.

After you complete the application process, stay tuned to receive a confirmation email if you are in with more details. You can expect it in your mailbox one week or less before the Hackathon start date.

  1. Who judges the teams?

The jury will consist of Vodafone Executive members as well as external parties.

  1. Is the Hackathon free of charge?

Yes! This event is completely free of any charge.

  1. What should I bring?

Bring your challenging spirit, own laptops and any other smart devices that you might need during the Hackathon days.

  1. Should my project be related to Vodafone?

Not necessarily, we are looking for fresh and innovative ideas that can shape the future of a Digital Egypt. So bring it on!

  1. Are there any restrictions on coding languages to use?

No, feel free to use whatever you need to bring your idea to life. The goal is to feel confident and come up with a working prototype. Which tools you decide to use is up to you!